Childrens' Corner


We arrived in a Spacecraft!


      Misty decided to visit Egypt to see all the lovely statues.



A Chihuahua Pharaoh, that's cool! 



Misty,  Rascal, Zipper and Boots visit the Temple of Philae
dedicated to the Godess Isis.

      EGYPTIAN GIRL                                THE SPHINZ                                GOLD PENDANT
                   Letter to home.
                        "Woof Woof, the Monuments and Statues are so big and I am so tiny" said Misty.


"Did you like visiting Egypt?"   Said Misty to Boots.
"I sure did.   We must visit Egypt again" said Boots.
"We will come back" said Misty, " but now it's time to visit Mexico."


"Oh Look!   Its the Mexican Flag" said Misty.   "What are you doing with the Mexican
Hat, Tulip?"   "I'm playing hide and seek."   said Tulip.
"Let's have a party!"   Said Misty.



Muff and baby Tuff are watching Tiny Ted open the Champagne.

Zipper and Rascal are doing the Mexican Hat Dance.
"I will play the Maracas!" said Boots.

"That's a clever trick !" Said Boots to baby Trixie who had popped out of a rose. 

Trixie is blowing a kiss to Isis.


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